Fort Bragg Family Vacation 2008

Fort Bragg Family Vacation 2008
Does it get any better than this?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Everybody must love ducks?

Look I can Cook too!

Naomi knows how to open our new fridge and likes to help.

Naughty girl

Our local amuesment park

Our new house

I think I'll be sick

Hello again from Albuquerque(Sahara Desert)

Yes, it's been a while since our last post. Time passes, days go by, things go undone and so there you have it. I have no excuse for our lapse in posting, just that life gets in the way sometimes. Well, we are back again partially due to the fact that Gabes Blog got updated forcing me to keep up with my brother. I love the pictures of you working on the new house Bro! It's been business as usual out here with the kids doing extremely well in school and sports which takes up most of there time and ours. Attending all of their practices and games has been a nice outdoor activity after being stuck inside for a very long winter that none of us were acustomed to. Paris is playing Softball and usually plays shortstop and is being coached in pitching lately. Colton is in Minors baseball and plays first base and no one out hustles him. Naomi plays behind the backstop in the dirt and cheers for here brother and sister. Beside staying busy with school, sports, and scouts, both of the kids have started a dog walking and poop scooping service with regular customers. All of their business proceed go into our Fort Bragg trip fund for this summer. Hardley a day goes by that we don't talk about going to Fort Bragg this summer to be with our family and see the ocean. The granite and cabinet business this year is not what it was last year so we have been very carefully saving for the trip, consequintley we only have furniture in half our home for the time being. Maybe we'll be able to find some driftwood on the beach this summer we can make into furniture. Anyway, I'll post some of our latest pictures.